Scream was a hardcore punk band that was formed in Northern Virginia. From 1986-1990, the band's drummer was Dave Grohl.


Studio albums:Edit

Still Screaming (1983)

This Side Up (1985)

Banging the Drum (1986)

No More Censorship (1988)

Fumble (1993)

Compilation albums:Edit

Still Screaming/This Side Up (1995) 

Fumble + Banging the Drum (1995) 

Live albums:Edit

Live at Van Hall (1988)

Your Choice Live Series Vol.10 (1990)

Live at the Black Cat (1998)

Complete Control Recording Sessions (2011)


Current members:Edit

Peter Stahl – lead vocals (1981–1990, 2009–present)

Franz Stahl – guitar, backing vocals (1981–1990, 2009–present)

Skeeter Thompson – bass, backing vocals (1981-1988, 1988-1990, 2009–present)

Kent Stax – drums, percussion (1981–1986, 2009–present)

Clint Walsh - guitar (2009-present)

Former members:Edit

Dave Grohl – drums, percussion (1986–1990)

Robert Lee Davidson – guitar, backing vocals (1984–1989)

Ben Pape - bass (1988 for part of one tour)

J. Robbins - bass (1988)

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