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Jason Everman (born October 16, 1967) was the second guitarist of Nirvana who played with them from February to July of 1989.

Pre-Nirvana workEdit

Previous to Nirvana, he and Nirvana drummer Chad Channing played together in the band Stonecrow.

Bleach TourEdit

Jason Everman helped pay for the publishing of Bleach album for $606.67. He was listed as a second guitarist for a special thanks from Kurt Cobain. He went on tour with them from February to July of 1989. He did not play in any of the tracks but he was credited as a second guitarist. Everman quit the band due to getting into a fight with a drunk guy who came on stage constantly swearing on to the microphone at the Pyramid club.

Post-Nirvana workEdit

As soon as he left the band he joined Soundgarden as a temporary bassist in 1990. He later joined the band Mind Funk in 1993, but left the band in 1994 to join the United States Army fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. After receiving an honorable discharge in 2006, he decided to study at Columbia University. He currently still studies there.


With StonecrowEdit

  • demo