The following is a complete listing of Nirvana's studio and non-studio albums released to the public.

Studio Albums Edit

The following albums were the primary recorded/released and mixed straight from the studio.

Bleach-cover art

"Bleach" - (1989) Released: June 15, 1989 Label: Sub Pop (SP-34) Formats: CD, cassette (CS), LP

In Utero-cover art

"In Utero" - (1993) Released: September 21, 1993 Labels: DGC (24607) Formats: CD, CS, LP


"Nevermind" - (1991) Released: September 24, 1991 Label: DGC (24425) Formats: CD, CS, LP

Live Albums Edit

The following albums were performed live and recorded on a stage then released as an album.

Nirvana live at reading by wedopix-d3apc0f

"Live At Reading" - (2009) Released: November 3, 2009 Label: Geffen (B0013503-02) (B0013501-00) Formats: CD, CD+DVD, 2×LP

MTV unplugged in new york-cover art

"MTV Unplugged in New York" - (1994) Released: November 1, 1994 Labels: DGC, Geffen (24727) Formats: CD, CS, LP

Tumblr ld67cyDvC11qf99k8o1 1280

"From The Muddy Banks of The Wishkah" - (1996) Released: October 1, 1996 Labels: DGC, Geffen (25105) Formats: CD, CS, LP

Compilation Albums Edit

The following albums include songs/demo tapes and live performances put together on a whole album.

Incesticide-cover art

"Insecticide" - (1992) Released: December 12, 1992 Labels: Sub Pop, DGC (24504) Formats: CD, CS, LP


"Sliver" - (2005) Released: November 1, 2005 Labels: DGC, Geffen (000561702), Universal (1190) Format: CD

Nirvana Greatest Hits

"Nirvana" - (2002 Released: October 29, 2002 Labels: DGC, Geffen (25105) Formats: CD, CS, LP

Extended Plays Edit

The following albums include tiny collections of songs that were previously included as a studio/live performed album.


"Blew (EP)" - (1989) Released: December 1989 Label: Tupelo Formats: 12-inch, CD


"Hormoaning" - (1992) Released: January 1992 Labels: DGC, Geffen Formats: 12-inch, CD, CS

Unreleased Albums Edit

Courtney Love stated in May 2002 that she owned 109 unreleased tapes made by Cobain, with or without the other members of Nirvana.[113] Of these songs, many were released on the 61 song box set With the Lights Out, with three "freshly unearthed" songs appearing on the compilation Sliver: The Best of the Box.[114] Besides the remainder of Love's collection there is an abundance of unofficially released Nirvana songs, including covers and jam sessions, on bootleg recordings.[115]

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